Terry Stegeman

I have been coming to CAAC for years now. The care I have received has always been top notch. You and your staff are wonderful my case is not always straight forward due to many complicating factors but you have always been able to listen, be patient with me (extra credit for that), and in doing so have been able to find solutions to help me feel better!  You have helped me in so many ways over the years and I deeply appreciate it. These days its so easy to find negative things to say but we fail to give appreciation and praise. Thank you again!!


I want to express my deep appreciation for the concern, the patience, and the competence that you and your staff have shown me through this difficult year. I specifically  appreciate your willingness to listen and consider the feedback I gave you and not minimize my chronic complaints.  For the first time in over 10 years I was able to plant in my backyard, sleep thru the night and enjoy outside picnics. The patient education given to me on how to use my inhalers was great, what seems to be a simple matter is difficult and easily misused.  Thank you very much!

Sarah Stephenson

I am so pleased with my experience at CAAC. The staff is friendly and professional. The diagnostics are thorough. I especially enjoyed my experience with Dr. Ann she is very knowledgeable and explained the options available to me. She demonstrates a positive outlook and was confident in the positive outcome of treatment. A big difference was made in a short amount of time. I highly recommend CAAC when it comes to addressing and taking control of your allergy  and asthma needs.

Melanie Elkin

“Wow! What a difference Dr. Patty and the CAAC have made in my life. Sudden onset allergies were out of control. Nothing I did seemed to make my asthma and allergies better. Dr. Patty and her staff took time to thoroughly evaluate my symptoms and set up a step by step treatment plan to improve my condition. First steps don’t always work, but Dr. Patty always had another approach. The staff here always work to make allergy treatment tolerable and they have a wide range of shot hours. Staff always inquire about any previous reactions, the one time I did have a reaction the physician’s assistant was quickly available. Thank you CAAC for helping me control my allergies.”

Mary Henkener

” Since undergoing treatment with CAAC, my life has improved so much! I have more energy and strength. Dr.  Ghory’s expert knowledge, experience, and highly quantitative approach along with her staff  have created a perfect treatment plan tailored to me. “

Kathaleen Atkinson

“Dr. Patty and the staff at CAAC is fantastic!  My daughter has been a patient for over 18 years having been diagnosed with asthma and allergies when she was three years old.  The attentive staff and care is exceptional, above and beyond!  Appointments are always accessible and phone calls returned.   We have had to call after hours several times.  Dr. Patty or Dr. Ann have returned the calls promptly providing excellent medical guidance and care.  Never a “why did you call me?”

My husband is also a regular patient  for his allergies and receives allergy injections.  He too loves the practice and staff.  They have been equally as caring and providing him the same compassion my daughter receives. Since he travels frequently they have been extremely flexible with his schedule.  I cannot say enough positive about Dr. Patty and staff!”

Bonnie Rasmussen

“I have received the best care from everyone at CAAC!  Dr. Ann Ghory is my Allergist and in addition to her expertise, I really appreciate the personal attention that I’ve received for a number of years.  I enjoy everyone who works at the Mason office and the way they go out of their way to take care of me.  There have been numerous times that steps have been taken which are truly over and above, and they were extended with kindness and friendliness.

I have chronic hives and soon after my diagnosis I was making frequent calls to the office and each one was welcomed and I never felt that I was bothering anyone.  Dr. Ann was up-to-date on the latest treatment and worked diligently so I could begin to take a medication which had just been approved to treat my condition.  It has worked extremely effectively and truly changed my quality of life.”

Linda Dinger

“I have been a patient at Cincinnati Allergy and Asthma center for at least 25 years. My husband and sons for at least 15.  The entire team is excellent and we highly recommended them to all our family and friends, many of whom have also become patients.  We avoid seeing our primary care group anytime we have sinus or asthma issues because they don’t listen and prescribe ineffective medications, which just keeps us ill longer and wastes time and money.  We always go directly to CAAC, where the medical staff diagnose accurately and prescribe effective treatments and medications.

Dr. Ann Ghory, is the best doctor I’ve ever seen. She and the staff always remember us, treat us with care and respect, and most important listen!  I highly recommend CAAC!”