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The first step in treating allergies is an accurate diagnosis. The allergy specialists at Cincinnati Allergy and Asthma Center are experts in identifying what is causing your symptoms and recommending a treatment plan that will significantly improve your life.

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Today on "Ask the Allergist":

Q: What is OIT? And how do I know if my child is a candidate?

A: OIT is an acronym for oral immunotherapy. OIT is a way to retrain the immune system to tolerate foods the patient previously did not. Regular administration of incredibly small amounts of specific food protein are given to the patient to facilitate tolerance over time. This is not a cure for food allergy but an incredible way to alleviate fear and stress over accidental ingestion of a previously-allergic food.

Your child may be a candidate if they meet the following criteria:
1. They have a known peanut allergy confirmed by oral challenge.
2. Their asthma and/or allergies are well controlled.
3. They do not have EoE (eosinophilic esophagitis).
4. You must be willing to comply with the highly specific 15-month treatment regimen. - Dr. G

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We have made it easy and convenient for you to pay your bill online. Head to our website and simply click the "Pay Now" button! Note: you'll need your account number & the balance of your bill.

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Pollen and Mold Count

Total Pollen Count

Our pollen counts are available March through November from the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency. Our pollen count information for Cincinnati can be found on line at www.southwestohioair.org
Each office has the counts posted, or you can use the link posted.

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