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The first step in treating allergies is an accurate diagnosis. The allergy specialists at Cincinnati Allergy and Asthma Center are experts in identifying what is causing your symptoms and recommending a treatment plan that will significantly improve your life.

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Many sunscreen products contain the ingredients oxybenzone and octinoxate, which are toxic to both you and the environment!

Most Blue Lizard sunscreen products, available online and in stores, are free of those ingredients. Even more impressive, the container changes colors to alert you to reapply!

Check their website to decide which product is best for you!

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How Fast Do You Sneeze?

It happens in a split second. Ah-Choo! You sneeze at a roaring 600 miles an hour (!), dislodging bacteria and allergens such as a pollen, mold or dust trapped in your nose.

Your nose catches germs before they can enter your airway and protects the inside of your lungs. How can you help? Drink plenty of water to keep your body healthy and keep mucus thin.

-Spring/Summer 2018. Volume 16, Issue 1. Allergy & Asthma Today. p 35.
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Pollen and Mold Count

Total Pollen Count

Our pollen counts are available March through November from the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency. Our pollen count information for Cincinnati can be found on line at www.southwestohioair.org
Each office has the counts posted, or you can use the link posted.

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